A Day in the Life of a Thorsen’s-Norquist Technician

Morning Routine

Every day starts bright and early at the Thorsen’s-Norquist office. As a skilled technician, I arrive at 7 AM sharp, ready to tackle the day’s challenges. The first order of business is checking the job schedule and loading up my van with the necessary tools and equipment. Whether it’s an air conditioning installation, repair, or routine maintenance, I ensure I have everything I need to provide top-notch service.

On the Road

With my van stocked and ready to go, I hit the road, navigating the streets of Turlock, Oakdale, Riverbank, Atwater, Ceres, and Modesto. Each day brings new adventures as I visit residential and commercial properties to address their HVAC needs.

  1. First Stop: Air Conditioning Installation – I arrive at a new construction site where the homeowners eagerly await their brand-new A/C system. With precision and care, I install the unit, ensuring proper airflow and energy efficiency.
  2. Second Stop: Air Conditioning Repair – An office building’s central air conditioning unit has been acting up, leaving employees sweating through their workday. I diagnose the issue and swiftly repair the faulty components, restoring cool comfort to the premises.
  3. Third Stop: HVAC Service – Preventive maintenance is key to keeping systems running smoothly. I visit a long-standing client for their bi-annual tune-up, cleaning coils, changing filters, and ensuring everything is operating at peak performance.

Exceptional Customer Service

Throughout the day, my top priority is providing exceptional customer service. I take the time to explain the work being done, answer questions, and offer advice on energy-saving tips and best practices. Building trust and fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients is what sets Thorsen’s-Norquist apart.

Wrapping Up

As the day winds down, I head back to the office to complete paperwork and prepare for the next day’s challenges. Being a Thorsen’s-Norquist technician is more than just a job; it’s a passion for providing top-quality HVAC services and ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our valued customers.