A Day in the Life: Keeping Chicagoland’s HVAC Systems Running Smoothly

Morning Huddle and Assignments

My day starts bright and early at the All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning office. At 7:30 AM sharp, our team gathers for the morning huddle to review the day’s schedule. Our dispatcher runs through the list of service calls, installations, and repairs lined up across Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Today, I’m assigned to handle an AC installation in Evanston and an emergency repair call in Park Ridge. I load up my van with the necessary tools and equipment, double-checking that I have everything I need for a smooth day on the job.

Evanston AC Installation

My first stop is a residential AC installation in Evanston. The homeowners recently purchased a new, energy-efficient system and are eager to have it up and running before the summer heat kicks in. I carefully review the blueprints and site specifications, ensuring a proper fit for the new unit.

After several hours of meticulous work, the installation is complete. I walk the homeowners through the system’s features, demonstrating how to operate the thermostat and schedule maintenance checks. Their smiles and gratitude make the hard work worthwhile.

Park Ridge Emergency Repair

Next up is an emergency AC repair call in Park Ridge. The homeowner reported that their unit had stopped working altogether, leaving them without cool air on a scorching summer day. I arrive at the residence and quickly diagnose the issue – a failed compressor.

Fortunately, I have the necessary replacement part in my van. After a couple of hours of careful work, the compressor is replaced, and the system is up and running again. The homeowner is relieved to have their cool, comfortable home restored, and I’m glad I could resolve the issue promptly.

Wrapping Up the Day

Before heading back to the office, I make sure to complete all paperwork and documentation for the day’s jobs. Attention to detail is crucial in our line of work, ensuring that every installation and repair is properly recorded and billed.

As the sun sets over the Chicago skyline, I reflect on another fulfilling day on the job. Keeping homes and businesses comfortable is no small task, but it’s a challenge I welcome with pride as an HVAC professional at All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning.