A Day in the Life of an HVAC Technician with Colman Heating & Air

Morning Routine

As the morning sun peeks through the windows, I start my day with a hot cup of coffee and a quick review of my schedule. Today, I have a few HVAC Service calls lined up in the Titusville area, including an Air Conditioner Repair job in Mims.

First Stop: HVAC Installation in Titusville

My first stop is a new HVAC Installation project in Titusville. The homeowners are excited to upgrade their old system to a more energy-efficient model. I arrive on site and begin the intricate process of removing the old unit and preparing the space for the new installation.

Lunch Break and Scheduling

After a few hours of hard work, I take a quick lunch break and check my schedule for the afternoon. Next up is an Air Conditioning Repair call in Port Saint John, followed by a Heat Pump Repair job in Sharpes.

Afternoon Calls

  1. Air Conditioning Repair in Port Saint John: Upon arrival, I diagnose the issue as a faulty compressor. With my trusty tools and expertise, I quickly replace the compressor, ensuring the homeowner’s comfort during the hot Florida summer.
  2. Heat Pump Repair in Sharpes: The homeowner reports that their heat pump is making strange noises. After a thorough inspection, I identify a loose fan belt as the culprit. A simple adjustment, and the heat pump is back in perfect working condition.

Final Stop: Air Conditioning Repair in Scottsmoor

My last call of the day takes me to Scottsmoor, where a customer is experiencing issues with their air conditioning unit. Upon inspection, I discover a refrigerant leak, which is causing the system to work harder and less efficiently. I carefully locate and repair the leak, then recharge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant.

Wrapping Up the Day

As the sun sets over Cocoa, I head back to the office, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Today was a busy day filled with various HVAC services, but I’m grateful to have helped so many homeowners stay comfortable in their homes. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up and do it all over again, ready to tackle whatever HVAC challenges come my way.