Why Panicking and Calling Thorsen’s-Norquist Is Your Best Plan for Plumbing Goofs!

You know those moments when you look at a leaking faucet and think, “I can fix that!”, only to end up with a makeshift geyser in your kitchen? Yeah, let’s talk about that.

Plumbing Fiascos in Atwater, CA & Ceres, CA

When you feel like sailing in your kitchen or taking a dip in your living room, it might be time to pick up the phone and call Thorsen’s-Norquist Inc. for Plumbing Services. Our professional crew will swing by, not to ridicule your DIY attempt, but to stop your home from becoming the next Atwater or Ceres marine park.

Picture a hot summer day in Turlock, CA & Oakdale, CA. Your A/C is chillin’ like a villain, then BAM, it gives up like a fussy toddler refusing to eat vegetables.

A/C Meltdowns in Turlock, CA & Oakdale, CA

Don’t sweat it… literally. Your summertime blues just got a silver lining with Thorsen’s-Norquist Plumbing, Rooter Service, Heat & Air on standby for any A/C Service issues. They also offer Air Conditioning Repair in Modesto, CA, because no Californian should ever have to endure a heatwave unarmed.

Honestly, why break a sweat trying to fix things yourself when Thorsen’s-Norquist can do it for you? Plus, we promise, no mocking.