The Hilarious Adventures with Grissom Service Company in Alabama

Ever thought a service job could turn into a laugh riot? Ask the professionals at Grissom Service Company! Traversing through the vibrant neighborhoods of Birmingham, our folks have experienced the quirkiest and most amusing encounters on the way. Stay tuned to read some of these delightful adventures!

Hoover’s Midday Surprise!

While conducting a service check in Hoover, our staff found an overexcited squirrel had turned the client’s unit into its own personal shopping mall – talk about free real estate! Thankfully, the squirrel was safely evicted and the system was restored for the client. Want more details? Check out our stories!

Mountain Brook Mystery!

Mountain Brook, with its upscale houses, never falls short of throwing in surprises ! Once, upon reaching the site, our technician uncovered that the problem wasn’t with the client’s HVAC system, but their mischievous pet cat turning the thermostat up and down for fun!

Travel with us to Vestavia, Trussville, Homewood & Irondale, AL, as we continue making smiles while solving troubles. At Grissom Service Company, we believe in not only delivering top-notch professional service but also a good laugh to brighten up your lives!