The Truth Behind Common Myths on Furnace Repair and Replacement

For years, J. E. Shekell has been providing reliable furnace repair and replacement services, not only in Henderson, KY, but also in Newburgh, IN, and plumbing services in Princeton, IN. Along the way, we’ve come across many misconceptions about furnace repair and replacement. In this article, we debunk some prevalent myths.

Myth 1: All furnace repair problems require professional services

While complex furnace issues should definitely be handled by professionals, minor problems can sometimes be resolved without expert assistance. Simple tasks like replacing the filter, checking the thermostat settings, or resetting the circuit breaker can often solve certain problems. Don’t forget though – safety is paramount, and any task that appears complex should be entrusted to professionals.

Myth 2: Frequent furnace cycling is not a big problem

On the contrary, frequent cycling can lead to higher energy consumption, indicating potential problems with the thermostat, the heat anticipator, or a need for system balancing. In some cases, the solution might be a furnace repair or even a furnace replacement in Newburgh, IN.

Myth 3: Annual furnace maintenance is a waste

Regular furnace maintenance is the key to efficient performance and extended lifespan. It helps identify possible issues early on, preventing major costly repairs or sudden breakdowns.

Myth 4: Bigger is always better when replacing a furnace

Size does matter in furnace replacement, but bigger is not always better. An oversized furnace short cycles and wastes energy while an undersized one won’t heat your home properly. Correct size is determined by considering factors like the size of your home, insulation levels, and local climate.

J. E. Shekell is committed to debunking misconceptions about furnace repair and replacement. Through our reliable and comprehensive services, we ensure that our clients are well-equipped with accurate information for their furnace and plumbing needs in Princeton, IN. Contact us today!