Transforming Tiny Homes Into Luxury Loos

Ever felt at home in a loo? If not, our quirky innovation from Linked Equipment is going to change your toilet-time forever! Say goodbye to those basic and boring restrooms and say hello to our state-of-the-art Mobile Restroom Solutions.

Wondering where we get this fabulous idea? From the shipping container homes trend, that’s where! The concept is simple: if a shipping container can be turned into a comfortable living space, why not a restroom? And we don’t mean simply plopping a pot inside and declaring it a restroom. No sir, we’re talking true luxury, with attention to modular construction for easy location changes and all the facilities you could wish for.

Cleanliness, you ask? Well, we’ve got it sorted for you! Our Mobile Restroom Solutions promise and deliver superior sanitization, because we’re as obsessed with hygiene as you are. And hey, did we mention – easy to transport? Watch faces light up with surprise when you tell them your stylish loo was once a humble shipping container!

P.s. Yes, we are this creative with our fun Container Offices and Homes too!

Finding humor in life’s simple necessities – that’s the Linked Equipment way!