Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Luxury Furniture Styles

Welcome to the ultimate guide to finding the best luxury furniture styles. Here at Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings, we offer an extensive array of styles ranging from Traditional Furniture to Desert Transitional Furniture, and even Custom-Made Furniture – just to name a few. Whether you’re located in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Carefree, Paradise Valley, AZ, or anywhere in between, our team is dedicated to help you find the right style that suits your taste and needs.

Traditionally, Traditional Furniture presents intricate designs and rich details imprinted on solid, sturdy wood. On the other hand, our Desert Transitional Furniture is a beautiful combination of classic and contemporary designs. This style brings the charm of the desert landscape into your living space using warm neutral tones, accent colors and an array of materials including wood, metal, and glass.

When it comes to customizing your own furniture, the sky’s the limit! With our Custom Furniture services, you have the chance to design and create your own furniture, making your personal style truly shine in your living space. From the fabric choice to the types of materials used, your furniture piece would be truly unique.

In contrast to Traditional Furniture which are heavy on details, our Mediterranean Furniture designs are inspired by the vivid and warm colors of the Mediterranean land and sea. These designs are perfect for adding a vibrant touch to your living spaces.

Meanwhile, our Contemporary Furniture style boasts clean lines, geometric shapes and minimalistic design. Perfect for those seeking a modern and sleek look, this style often involves the use of metal, glass, and other non-traditional materials.

In conclusion, finding the perfect furniture style for your home involves understanding your personal taste, budget, and the overall aesthetics of your living space. We hope this guide helps you navigate through the myriad of options available at Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings. Happy furniture shopping!